Updated: Phillips suffers another setback

MADISON - Curt Phillips, the oft injured junior quarterback for the University of Wisconsin, has suffered yet another setback to his surgically repaired right knee.
Just months after tearing the ACL in his knee for the second time in less than a year, multiple sources indicate Phillips has suffered at least a torn meniscus involving the same knee. The same sources indicate that the true severity of the injury won't be known until surgery is done to repair the injured meniscus.
"He started off the first three weeks," UW head coach Bret Bielema said. "He's actually going to go in for a little procedure tomorrow and clean things up and hopefully be back full time in June."

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According to sources, the possibility does exist that Phillips could have re-torn the same ACL he's been rehabbing since undergoing surgery last fall.
Bielema, though, was optimistic the timetable for fall wouldn't be thrown off too much.
"It shouldn't be anything major, hopefully, going into tomorrow's procedure" Bielema said. "We'll just kind of deal with the cards after they're there. If it's even something they can take care of and clean up hopefully he will be back full time in June."
Phillips originally injured his right knee during spring camp one year ago on a rather unassuming cut during a routine bootleg play. Proving to be a quick healer, Phillips was able to participate in certain drills during fall camp and actually seemed to be nearing full strength midway through the year when he suffered his second tear.
Like he did the first time around, Phillips returned to the field just a few months later and participated in certain non-contact drills during spring camp. He has not participated, nor dressed, in any of the past three practices though.
"Curt is a pretty tough kid," Bielema said. "As soon as he can go he'll go."
Phillips still has two years of eligibility remaining.