Trotter twins making summer camp rounds

With the summer months in full swing, several Division 1 programs are beginning to hold camps for prospective recruits. For both Michael and Marcus Trotter, twins from Milwaukee Marquette High School, both have taken advantage by either already attending or planing to attend multiple camps in the upcoming weeks.
Recently, caught up with the twin prospects. The following is the first part of a two-part question and answer segment. First, we caught-up with Michael Trotter, a 6-foot, 200-pound safety.
Could you talk about your latest offer from Central Michigan? How did it go down?
Michael: I talked to Coach (Mark) Staten of Michigan State yesterday and he told me Central Michigan will be at their camp this Friday, so I decided to e-mail Coach 'Jake' (Mike Bajakian) of Central Michigan and he told me to call him right away. I did and I talked to him and Head Coach (Butch) Jones and he offered me. Before the Michigan State camp we are more than likely going to visit Central Michigan.
How was your trip to UCLA?
Michael:UCLA was great, we were really impressed with the campus, it reminded us of Vanderbilt. Last Friday we flew in and met all of the coaches, we talked for a bit and they gave us a tour of everything. We also went around LA. and we were very impressed with what we saw. Saturday was the camp. The majority of the camp was focused around the one-on-one competition (WR vs DB or RB vs LB). Marcus and I both did very well and impressed our position coaches; we really proved that we can compete with anyone. After the camp we said bye to the coaches and our recruiting coach, Coach Howard, and he told us to call him soon.
You're heading to Michigan State this weekend for camps; what are your feelings heading into camp?
Michael: We are really excited about the Michigan State camp, it is an important camp because Michigan State has been showing us interest for awhile now and a lot of schools from the MAC conference are going to be there, so it is an important camp.
Are schools recruiting you at safety or outside linebacker?
Michael: I think majority of schools are looking at me at both, but a few are looking at me primarily at one position. Indiana is looking at me as a true DB, while Vanderbilt is looking at me as an OLB…Because my highlight tape doesn't have as many coverage plays on it I believe many schools question my covering ability. My teammates and I have been working on one-on-one coverage for the last couple of months and we all have really improved. I know I can play DB or OLB at the next level.
Do you plan on attending Wisconsin's camp? Do you think you'll receive an offer?
Michael: After Michigan State, we have the Wisconsin Camp. We are going on the last two days and we are really excited to go. We are just going to go there and compete and have fun, if an offer happens, it happens, we aren't too worried about that.
How about the rest of the summer; do you plan on attending any other camps?
Michael: After the Wisconsin camp, we are going to other one day camps: Indiana, Purdue, Vanderbilt, Maryland, and possibly Iowa State.
Are there any other schools showing strong interest that may offer soon?
Michael: Most of the schools want to see us at camp before offering. Vanderbilt has been showing the most interest I believe. They have been sending handwritten letters weekly.
Do you and your brother plan on being a package deal?
Michael: If all goes well, then Marcus and I will go to the same school. That is the ideal situation, we know some schools want one twin more than the other, and we are fine with that. We just want to go to the right school for us, and if it happens to separate us, then so be it.
The following is a question and answer segment with Marcus Trotter, a 6-foot-1, 220-pound linebacker.
Could you catch us up on your recruitment? Anything new?
Marcus: Nothing significant is new since being offered by Illinois State. Akron sent both Michael and me a hand written letter just saying that we need to send them a hard copy of our highlights until they can finalize an offer. Only time will tell, we need to wait until they've analyzed everything and made their decisions. Also, Utah and Iowa State have been showing more interest by mail and emails.
Of your current offers does anyone currently stand out?
Marcus: Each school that has offered me is amazing in its own way. I have not ranked the schools as of yet, each one is great academically and athletically and it will take time until I will find out which one fits me best.
How was your trip to UCLA?
Marcus: UCLA was amazing. The campus was very beautiful since it was right next to Malibu and Beverly Hills. It was like Vanderbilt, since it was in a large town yet once you stepped on the campus, it felt like a world of its own. The coaches were amazing. The linebacker coach was very well educated in football and had such a great intensity in the drills. He gave me tips that I have not learned before. Anyone being coached by him is very lucky. The facilities and the practice fields were amazing. There was not one thing negative about it. Michael and I had the opportunity to compete against some of the best high school athletes in the country, (some 4 and 3 star athletes ranked by rivals) and we definitely held our own in the individual drills and one-on-one.
You're heading to Michigan State this weekend for camps; what are your feelings heading into camp
Marcus: I am very excited for the Michigan State camp. I love the university and I am glad to see the coaches again. Also there will be a lot of MAC schools there for evaluation. Michael and I are excited to do our best in front of all the coaches, and hopefully we can get more interests.
Do you plan on attending Wisconsin's camp?
Marcus: Yes, Michael and I are both attending the Wisconsin Camp for two days (June 15 and 16). I believe that if Michael and I just have fun with no worries, everything will fall into place. I am excited to be coached once again by Coach Dave Doeren. He is an amazing coach and I am excited to compete with the best in the state in preparation for my last season in high school. Our relationship with Wisconsin is good. Coach Doeren and I exchange emails every so often to check up with each other. Ever since the Wisconsin camp last year, Coach Doeren and I have been in contact.
Are there any other schools showing strong interest that may offer soon?
Marcus: Akron said they are finalizing an offer but we have to wait to see if they will do so. Vanderbilt is showing a lot of interest in us. Almost every week we get hand written letters by them. Central and Western Michigan are both interested in me and will be at the Michigan State camp so I am excited to show them my abilities. Wofford College said they might be taking the next step in offering us. We sent our best games to them and we have to wait to see what they say.