Series by series: UWs offense against Austin Peay

MADISON - Offensively the Wisconsin football team put together an impressive display during Saturday's win over Austin Peay. Not only did the unit score 70 points, a new modern record at Camp Randall Stadium, but it scored a touchdown on each of its first nine possessions en route to racking up more than 600 yards of total offense.
Now, a day after the dust settled, BadgerBlitz.com takes a quick glimpse back at the offense that was. The following is a series by series recap of every offensive possession.

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Drive No. 1: Started on UW 32 yard line following opening kickoff.
Plays: 9
Yards: 68
Result: Seven-yard Bradie Ewing touchdown rush. (7-0 UW)
Key play: James White missed an assignment that resulted in a seven-yard Scott Tolzien sack. On the ensuing third and 16, the senior quarterback found Kyle Jefferson for a 17-yard gain. The rout was on.
Drive No. 2: Started on UW 43 yard line following 40-yard Ryan Key punt.
Plays: 5
Yards: 57
Result: 18-yard White touchdown rush. (14-0)
Key play: Never seeing anything worse than second and five on this drive, White took the Tolzien handoff and coasted into the end zone from 18 yards out for his first career touchdown.
Drive No. 3: Started on UW 26 yard line following kickoff. (14-3 UW)
Plays: 3
Yards: 74
Result: 66-yard White touchdown rush. (21-3 UW)
Key play: White broke to the outside on third and two and immediately saw wide open space in front of him. With Ewing leading the charge and cutting the lone defensive back between White and a touchdown, it was a Saturday jog for White as he strolled towards the end zone.
Drive No. 4: Started on UW 40 yard line following Key punt.
Plays: 5
Yards: 60
Result: Seven-yard Lance Kendricks touchdown reception. (28-3)
Key play: Again facing only one second down throughout the entire five play drive, UW dominated the Governors. Kendricks led the charge with catches of 17, 23 and seven yards.
Drive No. 5: Started on Austin Peay 48 yard line following 46-yard Key punt.
Plays: 6
Yards: 48
Result: Three-yard Ewing touchdown reception. (35-3 UW)
Key play: Facing first and goal from the APSU three yard line, it looked as though the Badgers were going to pound the ball in the end zone. Apparently that caught APSU off guard, too. Tolzien swung an easy pass out to Ewing for an easy score.
Drive No. 6: Started on UW 44 yard line following 48-yard Key punt.
Plays: 3
Yards: 56
Result: 12-yard John Clay rush. (42-3 UW)
Key play: Going untouched, Clay rushed for an easy 12-yard score on the third play of the drive.
Drive No. 7: Started on UW 40 yard line following 36-yard Key punt.
Plays: 6
Yards: 60
Result: 10-yard Jacob Pedersen touchdown reception. (49-3 UW)
Key play: Pedersen, standing at the back of the end zone caught a perfectly thrown Tolzien pass to cap an explosive offensive half.
Drive No. 8: Started on UW 36 yard line following turnover on downs.
Plays: 9
Yards: 64
Result: 11-yard White touchdown rush. (56-3 UW)
Key play: Freshman Jon Budmayr saw time with the No. 1 offense to start the second half. His first career collegiate series saw him go 2-for-2 for 11 yards and was capped with another White touchdown run.
Drive No. 9: Started on UW 23 yard line following 43-yard Key punt.
Plays: 8
Yards: 77
Result: 19-yard White touchdown run. (63-3 UW)
Key play: Manasseh Garner, who played both sides of the ball during the win, threw a key block that allowed White to cut back inside and score his fourth touchdown of the game.
Drive No. 10: Started on Austin Peay 46 yard line following 48-yard Key punt.
Plays: 3
Yards: -9
Result: 45-yard Brad Nortman punt.
Key play: Believe it or not, Nortman had to punt in this one.
Drive No. 11: Started at midfield following 39-yard Key punt.
Plays: 8
Yards: 50
Result: 10-yard Montee Ball rush. (70-3 UW)
Key play: Ball dominated the drive with eight carries for 50 yards, including his 10-yard touchdown run to cap it off.
Drive No. 12: Started on UW 20 yard line following 48-yard Key punt.
Plays: 3
Yards: 3
Result: 76-yard Nortman punt.
Key play: On the final play of the game, Nortman blasted a 76 yard punt that stopped dead at the one yard line. Luck for APSU, time had expired.