Practice report: UW gets physical

MADISON, Wis. - The Wisconsin Badgers practiced in their new red "Made in March" uniforms Wednesday in what was one of the more physical practices on the season.
At one point during the scrimmage portion of practice, the scout team ("the blue team") was called for eight fouls on eight straight possessions. The roughest of fouls occurred when the Badgers rotation players ("the red team") were trying to break a mock Penn State full-court press and Ben Brust caught the ball on the sideline before being jumped on by Evan Anderson. After Brust was able to shake it off, Bo Ryan said jokingly to Anderson that for just 25 cents, he could have ridden Brust for three minutes outside of a food market.
On plays where the red team was able to get a shot off, they hit nearly every shot they took - especially against the blue team's 2-3 zone.
The lineup consisting of Bronson Koenig, Traevon Jackson, Duje Dukan, Nigel Hayes and Vitto Brown made seven of their eight shot attempts from the field against the zone.
The Koenig, Josh Gasser, Sam Dekker, Dukan and Frank Kaminsky lineup made four of their seven shot attempts against the zone.
Brown was a catalyst for the red team on the offensive end of the floor. The freshman forward shot 5-for-6 from the field and appeared to have as good of a grasp on the offense as he has had all season long.
Dekker started off 0-for-4 from the field, but got hot as practice went on. He hit six of his next seven shots on his way to 14 points.
Where the struggles came for the blue team was in the man-to-man defense portion of the scrimmage, where it managed to score just 43 points on 50 possessions. By failing to reach a mark of 1.00 points per possession, the blue team had to run.
Defensively, it was Jackson who set the tone. After Brust and Kaminsky were both pulled from the court by Ryan for failing to step up and draw a charge in the lane, Jackson drew a charge on the very next play. Jackson was extremely vocal in calling out screens and making sure his teammates were in the proper help positions.
Jackson's defensive presence alone, however, was not enough to stop the blue team from scoring 36 points on 35 possessions and the red team had to run.
The Badgers will hold a closed practice tomorrow afternoon before flying to Indianapolis tomorrow night.
Scrimmage shooting statistics (FGM/FGA, 3PM/3PA, Pts)
Red Team:
Sam Dekker: (6/11, 2/5, 14)
Frank Kaminsky: (6/8, 0/1, 12)
Vitto Brown: (5/6, 0/0, 10)
Josh Gasser: (3/6, 3/5, 9)
Duje Dukan: (3/8, 2/6, 8)
Bronson Koenig: (3/4, 2/3, 8)
Traevon Jackson: (1/5, 0/2, 2)
Nigel Hayes: (1/2, 0/0, 2)
Ben Brust: (0/3, 0/3, 0)
Blue Team:
Zach Bohannon: (4/6, 4/5, 12)
Jordan Hill: (4/5, (1/1, 9)
Evan Anderson: (2/5, 0/0, 4)
Jordan Smith: (1/4, 1/4, 3)
Riley Dearring: (1/3, 0/1, 2)
Aaron Moesch: (1/1, 0/0, 2)
Zak Showalter: (1/3, 0/1, 2)
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