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Oglesby not cleared for Iowa game

MADISON - Josh Oglesby, who started the season as the starting right tackle, has not been cleared to play leading into the Iowa game.
That's according to head coach Bret Bielema.
"Josh is not (cleared)," Bielema said "He won't play this week and we'll get some more information on him on Sunday."
Ricky Wagner will likely get the start for the fourth straight game when UW takes the field at Iowa.
Bielema also said there were a number of veteran players that were listed as game-time decisions, but he didn't discuss the matter any further.
Preparing for hostility:
Much like it did going into the Michigan State game a few weeks ago, the UW football team practiced with stadium noise pumping into the stadium. The only difference is that the team had to deal with the loud sounds at all-time, instead of just when the team is approaching the line of scrimmage.
"We kept it blaring and realized that's going to be a big part of the game," Bielema said. "It's just a little bit louder. The unique thing about Iowa is that the fans are literally five feet away from the bench. They're right on top of you. So there's a general crowd noise and then you also have the guy standing five feet behind you who's had a couple extra hours of tailgating and wants to tell you a few things."
Dealing with the physicality:
Really, other than the game against Michigan State, Wisconsin has yet to see a power running attack. That will change this weekend when the Badgers have to deal with Adam Robinson, a very physical runner, for the Hawkeyes.
"We've got to get off blocks," Bielema said. "When you're dealing with an offense that likes to run the football down hill and in the gap schemes that they run they're going to get a hat on a hat. You've got to get a guy free so he can make a play. The part that's jumped out to me for Robinson is how well he breaks tackles. He breaks a lot of tackles.
"He's a hard runner and he keeps the legs moving. It's difficult for him."
Robinson, though he's really the lone running back for Iowa, has proven he has above average escapability and can get away from players that look to have him cornered.
"I've seen two plays where two big defensive tackles have broke through the line of scrimmage and put their hat up front," Bielema said. "And he just runs right through them. He's really deceptive with how aggressive he is with his running style."
Kickoff is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. central time and can be seen live on ABC.