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Notes: Pro Timing Day

MADISON, Wis. - While Dezmen Southward stole the show at Wisconsin's Pro Timing Day on Wednesday at the McClain Center, there were numerous others showcasing their talents for NFL Scouts as they try to make it to the next level.
Here are some of the other storylines:
Space Bound
- Chris Borland recorded a vertical jump of 35 inches, four inches higher than he recorded at the NFL Combine last month.
- Beau Allen recorded a vertical jump of 31 inches, one inch better than his self-proclaimed goal of 30. For a guy that weighed in at 329, that's mightily impressive.
Muscle Men
- Ethan Hemer put up a Pro-Day-best 32 reps on the bench press today.
- Allen came in second with 30 reps on the bench.
- Jared Abbrederis, Jacob Pedersen, James White, and Southward did not participate in the bench press today. All four had recorded their number at the NFL Combine.
- Whether it was White talking about his ability to run the ball, catch the ball and pass-protect; Pedersen talking about his ability to get open down the field, play special teams and pass-protect; Abbrederis talking about his ability to play in the slot, as a number two receiver and on special teams; or whether it was Allen and Borland talking about their ability to play in both a 3-4 and a 4-3 defensive scheme, the theme of the day was "versatility."
- Pedersen, who had four tight ends coaches in four seasons with the Badgers, credited the every-changing coaching staff with preparing him for having to pick up systems quickly and adapt to whatever the culture of the offense dictated. "It shows that I can transition well at the next level," Pedersen said.
Quote of the Day
- Chris Borland admitted that his measurements in the combine and at Pro Day may not be as impressive as many people, including himself, would have hoped for. Borland credits that to him being transformed into a track athlete over the past two months in preparation for the testing done, specifically relating to the 40-yard-dash.
Borland believes his game tape will do him more justice than his measurements because while many scouts may knock him down in their ranking for his 5-foot-11-inch frame, he knows that his game tape is one of the best around.
"I don't think my numbers are horrible," Borland said, "I just think my tape is exceptional."
Wisconsin Pro Day 2014
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