Notes and quotes: Post Indiana

MADISON - What makes Wisconsin's 83-20 rout of Indiana even sweeter is the fact that the team made it through the contest without accruing many injuries.
With just two games left in the regular season - and perhaps two wins from clinching a Rose Bowl berth - the Badgers will need to retain that health.
"I think we came out relatively healthy," UW head coach Bret Bielema said.

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John Clay, who didn't play during Saturday's win, is getting close to returning according to his head coach.
"He's on the verge of getting involved," Bielema said. "Whether he gets some reps will kind of be how he feels over the next 24 or 48 hours."
Peter Konz, who didn't practice much, if at all, during the week will likely be ready to return in time for the Michigan game next Saturday. According to Bielema, the time the sophomore center has had off over the week will benefit him moving into Wolverine prep.
Unfortunately, and as reported on earlier in the week, sophomore quarterback Curt Phillips suffered a torn ACL to the same knee he previously injured back in spring camp.
"He will undergo surgery here pretty quick," Bielema said. "He wanted to be the guy sending plays in today and that's another good example of a guy that wants to do whatever he can to help us."
As far as injuries from the Indiana game, there isn't much to report. Senior left tackle Gabe Carimi suffered a bruise and all X-Rays came back negative.
"It got sore as the day went on," Bielema said. "I think he feels pretty good and should be back full go by the early part of next week."
Team notes:
-With an 83-point drubbing against Indiana and a 70-point outburst against Austin Peay, the Wisconsin offense now averages 40.2 points per game.
-UW's 83-point explosion is the most ever against a Big Ten team in school history. It's also the Badgers highest point output in the modern era. One would have to go back to 1915, when UW beat Marquette 85-0, to find a high scoring Badger squad.
-The Badgers also tied the Big Ten record for most points in a game. Ohio State knocked off Iowa 83-21 in October of 1950. No team has scored more points in a game this season.
-For the fourth time in Bielema's tenure as head coach, Wisconsin has recorded nine wins. Prior to 2006, UW had only won nine games on 10 separate occasions.
-UW has forced seven turnovers in the past two games and have scored points off each of them, totally 45 points.
-Brad Nortman did not play in Saturday's game. UW scored on all 11 possessions and never had to punt.
Individual notes:
-Spanning back to last week's win at Purdue, Montee Ball carried the ball on 20 consecutive plays. He finished the game at Purdue with 12 straight carries and started Saturday's win with eight straight rushes.
-Ball's 167-yard effort is the highest total from any Badger this season. The sophomore back also established a new career high (167 yards) and touchdowns (3).
-James White returned from injury and rushed 19 times for 144 yards and two touchdowns.
-Nick Toon recorded his first touchdown of the season in Saturday's win. Jake Byrne did as well.
-Freshman quarterback Jon Budmayr threw his first touchdown pass of his career with his 74-yard bomb to Jared Abbrederis. Nate Tice also recorded his first career touchdown late in the fourth quarter with a 17-yard scramble.
-Aaron Henry's interception return for a touchdown marked his third score of the season. He now has more touchdowns (3) than wide receivers Nick Toon and Isaac Anderson combined (1).
-Kicker Philip Welch scored 17 points in the game (11 extra points, two field goals), giving him 286 career points. In doing so, the junior surpassed Billy Marek and Todd Gregoire (278) and moved into third place in UW history for career points. He's also tied with Rich Thompson and Taylor Mehlhaff with 50 career field goals.
-Bielema on the naked bootleg called for Nate Tice:
"When coach Paul Chryst called a naked it brought a variety of different laughter on the headset to put it mildly."
-Bielema on how he plans to handle the press from an 83-20 win:
"They earn it. If you do it it's not bragging. Stay humble, stay thirsty. I really don't worry about this group getting off track too much from what's in front of them. It's just from being around them."
-Carimi on whether Saturday was the offensive line's best performance:
"No. I just feel like there were other games where we really showed. Games like Ohio State and stuff like that. It was a good game and we had good communication. There were a couple of things they threw at us from shifting to a four down to a three down look. We were able to communicate really well no matter who was in."
-Montee Ball on whether he was surprised his team scored 83 points.
"We weren't surmised like that. We practiced very hard and we were expecting to impose our will on them…(after being asked again)…Okay, a little bit. We were for sure going to make sure we were going to win by a lot."
-J.J. Watt on being a part of a game like this before:
"I have not. I've been part of a 70-point game for Austin Peay. Our offense does a great job of putting points up when we get them the ball. Obviously three takeaways was huge for us. It was a lot of fun to watch. I was obviously a fan for most of the game watching our offense play and it was a blast."
-Toon on his touchdown catch:
"That's something I've expected to be doing all year and obviously I have a little bit of trouble at the beginning of the season with injuries. That's just the way it went this year. Hopefully I can continue to do that."
-Toon on what he's thinking when Tice got into the end zone.
"That was awesome. It's always great to see somebody score. I'm real happy for him and I hope he enjoys himself."
-Toon on the play call for Tice:
"Good call."
-James White on the size of the running lanes:
"They were really big. You could drive a truck through them. When the holes are that big all us running backs have to do is run right them and make somebody miss and get down the field."
-Henry on having a good feeling entering the game:
"I felt pretty good all week. I think our DB's felt pretty good all week. When you get the ball in your hands your adrenaline is pumping and I was just trying to get into the end zone as fast as I could."
-Scott Tolzien on Tice's touchdown score:
"I tell you what, it was a heck of a run. The quarterbacks were on the sideline and we know what the play is going to be and we're thinking this is going to be…typically it's really good or really bad. He pulled it. There were two defenders right there and we're all thinking this isn't going to be good. To Nate's credit he made a heck of a play and he even switched the ball into his other hand. It was a great play by Nate."