BadgerBlitz - Wisconsin's top in-state prospects eyeing summer camp stops
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Wisconsin's top in-state prospects eyeing summer camp stops

With summer camps on the horizon, reached out to the top in-state prospects in the 2019 class to see where they are headed next month.

University of Wisconsin's 2018 camp schedule:

High School Session - June 1

High School Session - June 8

Specialist Camp Session 1 - June 10

Youth Camp - June 13

High School Session - June 15

Youth Specialist Camp - June 24

Specialist Camp Session 2 - June 24

Camp Schedule: "I will be at Wisconsin on June 1. After that, possibly Purdue on the 2nd and Iowa on the 3rd."

On Wisconsin: "As for how things stand with Wisconsin, I've gotten to know Coach (Joe) Rudolph a little better and feel good about their interest as a program. The main thing he stresses is wanting me to come to camp so he can see me move. And as a Wisconsin kid that program is the gold standard, I'd love to be a part of it." take: Wisconsin is going to take a long look at Engstrand, who moved into double-digit offer status this spring. It would be surprising to the Badgers extend a scholarship prior to long-time tackle prospect Bryce Benhart's decision. But if Engstrand blows Rudolph away on June 1, UW could pull the trigger.

Camp Schedule: "June 1: Wisconsin, June 3: Boston College, June 11: Purdue. I may add Indiana or Michigan State in there, too."

On Wisconsin: "I think things stand very well with Wisconsin. I think I will be able to earn an offer at camp." take: Ertl is expected to work primarily at defensive tackle, where the Badgers are looking to add another prospect to pair with Keeanu Benton. At this point, it would be surprising to see Wisconsin make a move before Isaiah Gibson and Gio Paez make a decision. That said, Ertl may be ready to make his call this summer without waiting for the Badgers.

Camp Schedule: "I will be attending the June 1 camp at Wisconsin, and then I will be attending the June 15 Iowa camp. Both camps will have many different schools there."

On Wisconsin: "Things with Wisconsin are going well. They came to Memorial to see me two weeks after I visited their school and told me that they like my academic improvement. The next big thing between me and them is to go to the camp and be my best." take: Jordan is an intriguing athlete who could play either linebacker spot. He passed the eye-ball test at the Rivals Camp Series stop in Chicago and is certainly someone who could earn an FBS offer(s) this summer.

Camp Schedule: "June 2: Iowa State, June 8: Wisconsin, June 11: Purdue, June 16: Michigan State."

On Wisconsin: "The lines with Wisconsin have been pretty cold. But what I have heard from people in the loop with the staff that they would like to see me camp at OLB because that's the best fit for me in their defense." take: Ryan, who has already collected a handful of offers, played with his hand in the ground last season for state champ Waunakee. He'll have to prove he can move in space for the Badgers on June 8.

Camp Schedule: "My camp schedule this off-season is Wisconsin on June 1, Iowa State, Wyoming, Missouri and Western Michigan camp on June 7, Iowa on June 15, Michigan State on June 16 and NDSU on June 23, I believe."

On Wisconsin: "The Badgers came up several times this spring and said that they can’t wait to see me at camp working different positions such as wide receiver, safety and linebacker. And depending on how I perform at camp will determine if they offer me then or later next season." take: Lippe has been on Wisconsin's radar for some time. He'll work on both sides of the ball but likely projects best to receiver. In the end, Lippe would be a steal as a preferred walk-on, but that would mean turning down scholarship money from other schools.

Camp Schedule: "As far as camps I am trying to go to as many as I can to the schools that are interested. Northern Iowa on May 28, Wisconsin on June 8, Iowa on June 16, Western Michigan on June 20, North Dakota State on June 24, Miami of Ohio on July 28 and possibly Syracuse."

On Wisconsin: "Right now I am in the waiting process with Wisconsin. I got my grades together, I just need to get to camp and show my skills in person." take: Sykes visited for Wisconsin's junior day this winter and is a playmaker with the ball in his hands. It will be interesting to see what his 40-yard dash time is at Camp Randall.

Camp Schedule: "Wisconsin on June 1 and South Dakota State on June 11."

On Wisconsin: "I have been in touch with the Badgers all off-season. I love Wisconsin, and can’t wait to get to camp." take: Another long-time Wisconsin target, LeCaptain has been very high on the Badgers from the jump. He'll be competing for an offer on June 1, but LeCaptain feels like a prospect who will be part of UW's 2019 recruiting class in some capacity.

Camp Schedule: "We will be going to the June 1 camp in Madison and other camps will depend on what happens June 1. But, we plan on going out to the Dakotas for camp and going to a couple Big Ten camps."

On Wisconsin: "Things with Wisconsin have been good. Coach (Chris) Haering stopped by the school a couple weeks ago to invite me to camp June 1. I can’t wait to get up there." take: Wedig has ideal size for the outside linebacker position. More schools are starting to take notice of the Beloit Memorial standout, who could improve his standing with UW on June 1.

Camp Schedule: "I’m camping there the (June) 15. I’m also camping at Purdue, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan and North Central." take: Blum appears on the cusp of a handful of FBS offers. At 6-foot-5 and 227 pounds, he has the frame to add more weight to work as an in-line tight end at the next level. Blum is certainly a scholarship-caliber prospect, but the Badgers will likely want to see what happens with Hudson Henry and Erick All, unless he (Blum) blows them away on June 15.

Camp Schedule: "June 1: Wisconsin, June 9: Northwestern, June 11: Purdue and June 21: University of North Dakota."

On Wisconsin: "Wisconsin wants to see me at defensive end. Still no offer; hopefully once they see me at camp I can make my dream of playing on the big stage a reality." take: After seeing Gillette at the Rivals Camp Series, we'd be surprised if the Badgers didn't give him a long look at fullback. The standout from Mukwonago moved and caught the ball very well in Chicago.

Camp Schedule: "Wisconsin June 8, Chicagoland (Northwestern) on June 9, Iowa on June 16, South Dakota State on June 21 and North Dakota State on June 22-24."

On Wisconsin: "Wisconsin has very limited communication with me throughout the winter. I was unable to make a game-day visit because I was always committed to going to Iowa’s game. Then in the spring they came to one of my works and decided to come back for a second time. I have an occasional text from coaches and received a camp invite. Big summer ahead of me and I’m goin to have to compete at camp." take: Eiden is hard-hitter who should see his stock pick up this summer. A solid camp performance should elevate UW's interest level.

Camp Schedule: "Wisconsin on June 1, North Central College (for University of Wyoming) on June 7, Northwestern Chicagoland Showcases on June 9, Iowa on June 16 and I will know where I will be camping out east the weekend of the June 23-24. I got a 34 on my ACT so I have had more Ivy League interest."

On Wisconsin: "I was able to take in a Badger spring practice and Coach Haering and Coach Rudolph were out to watch workouts over the past few weeks. I am excited to attend camp on June 1 and plan to show them why I need to be a Badger." take: Enneking has already visited a handful of times and has the grades to qualify for any program in the country. He may not be as well rounded in comparison to Blum, but Enneking does a lot of things well from the tight end position.

Camp Schedule: "Wisconsin on June 8, Minnesota on June 10, South Dakota State on June 11, Iowa on June 16, UNI June on 17 and North Dakota State on June 22-24."

On Wisconsin: "I’ve heard from Wisconsin a few times this spring after visiting and attending a practice. They have interest in me at fullback and linebacker. Coach Haering wants to see me at camp to see where they like me best." take: Hennessey would appear to be a potential preferred walk-on candidate for the Badgers.

Camp Schedule: "I will be attending the Badger camp on the (June) 1st as well as the next day going to the Lindenwood Missouri camp. Right now I am still deciding on other camps to attend but I am looking at Northwestern still as a possible camp and some others."

On Wisconsin: "Right now, with Wisconsin, we have been in good contact. I’ve had two visits there and I really do love the facilities and coaching staff. Coach Hearing and Coach Rudolph have come by my school often to see Trey Wedig, Blake Wilcox, who is a kicker, and myself. They have a great program and I’m honored that they are looking at me as a prospect. Right now my next time going to the school will be at camp and from there hopefully more visits in the future. I believe the badgers staff and I have created a good relationship." take: Rock is going to work at tight end during camp, but don't be surprised if he takes reps at both offensive tackle and defensive end as well. At 6-foot-6 and 245 pounds, Rock may actually fit best at end in Wisconsin's 3-4 defensive scheme. He has the frame to add a ton of good weight moving forward.

Camp Schedule: "I'll be at Wisconsin on June 1, Purdue on June 2, Michigan State on June 16 and Iowa on June 24. I will likely add at least one more camp - possibly two."

On Wisconsin: "I haven't heard tons from Wisconsin but they did stop by school a couple of weeks ago to let me know they are excited to have me at camp." take: Brunner is another prospect with ideal size to play outside linebacker. It wouldn't be surprising to see him pick up more offers this summer, potentially from FBS programs.

From the 2020 class

Ben Kruel, who has an early offer from Iowa State, will camp with the Cyclones on June 9. He will be at Wisconsin on June 15 and Iowa on June 24. Expect both the Badgers and Hawkeyes to offer if the 2020 standout performs well.

Logan Wilson from powerhouse Kimberly High School is expected to camp at Iowa (already offered), Wisconsin and Purdue. It would be very surprising to see the projected defensive end leave Madison without an offer after camp.

Iowa and South Dakota State have already offered Ben Barten, a projected offensive tackle from Statford. Expect Wisconsin to get him on campus next month for camp.