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In-state linemen take in UW

In-state defensive linemen Nathan Tanguay and Brandon Miller didn't have to go far to attend the Wisconsin Badgers' junior day on Saturday.
The 6-foot-5, 240-pound end from Mukwonago and the 6-foot-5, 290-pound tackle from Waterford made the short trip to the University of Wisconsin and came away with a good impression of the Badgers.
"I thought it was really good," Tanguay told BadgerBlitz.com. "I got along with all the coaches; talked with coach (Charlie) Partridge a lot for a long time, too. I talked to coach (Ben) Strickland for the first time today (Saturday). He's been in contact with my coach (Clay Iverson) and they've had a past relationship from him being at Pewaukee. But otherwise, (Strickland) gave me his card, gave me his cell phone number and I'm going to call him every week to give him updates about me.
"Wisconsin is the home-state school. I would love to go there if I ever got the opportunity. But we'll see how the recruiting goes down the line."
As for Miller, this was his second time on Wisconsin's campus after he took in a home game this past fall.
"I really enjoyed it," Miller said about the junior day. "I liked everything that I saw. I can really picture myself there, because it seems like they've got a nice group of guys that know what they're doing.
"I had conversation with a few of the coaches, just getting to know them a little better, and seeing how everything is. Mike Markuson told me was going to be adding me on Facebook so he can keep in touch with me more, and Ben Strickland told me he'd be keeping in touch with me as well through email.
"I think it went pretty well. They're really nice guys. It was more like an informational day, with everybody asking questions, touring the facility, (and) showing us what they're going to do because they're remodeling it."
Tanguay has been in contact with a few other schools including Michigan State, Minnesota, Western Michigan, Central Michigan and Arkansas. He's planning on attending Minnesota's junior day next weekend, and has been invited to visit the Spartans and Razorbacks this spring as well.
It's still early in the recruiting season, but Miller has visited Western Michigan in addition to Wisconsin, and is planning on attending Minnesota's junior day next weekend too.
"(Wisconsin) is the second school that I've visited," Miller said. "I've also visited Western Michigan. Out of those two, Wisconsin (is nice) just because it's closer, but I just like both of the schools a lot."
Miller is also considering camping with the Badgers over the summer as well.