Hot 11: Minnesota

Though there were some hostile moments following the game, UW's 41-23 win over Minnesota was somewhat tame Now, with a critical game with the nation's No. 1 just days away, it's time for the popular weekly feature: The Hot 11.
The fifth installment of the 2010 regular season is based on momentum and individual play this season. One bad game won't necessarily move a player off, but it could cause a player to slide down the board as new players start to emerge.
By no means is the list perfect, that is why encourages everyone to head over to The Badgers' Den to offer their own opinions.
Note: The number in parentheses is the number of points the player got based on a voting panel of staff members.
Receiving Votes:
-Aaron Henry (8), Blake Sorensen (5), Nick Toon (2), Louis Nzegwu (2)