An A visit for Singleton

MADISON - Having committed to Wisconsin in mid-August, and having enjoyed his senior season even though it came to a somewhat premature and disappointing end in the city championship game, 2012 prospect D.J. Singleton finally made his official visit to Madison.
He enjoyed everything Wisconsin's capital city had to offer.
While he was mid-commute back to New Jersey, caught up with the safety prospect. The following is a question and answer with Singleton.
To start, how did your trip to Madison go and what did they have you do? I guess what I'm asking is how would you assess your trip?
Singleton: My trip was really fun. I had a chance to meet a lot of the people. I think we got in there Friday morning about 2:30 in the morning. We ate breakfast, relaxed and met with the coaches and everything. That night we watched the banquet. We were at the team banquet and met with all the football players and their families. I watched the seniors and some other football players get their rewards.
Saturday morning we did the same thing. We watched the practice instead of meeting with the coaches. That night we went to the basketball game and then I had some free time so I hung out with some of the football players. Then they were asking me about some academic stuff. We watched the Heisman ceremony and ate with the coaches.
Who was your host and who did you stay with?
Singleton: Austin Traylor.
What was your relationship like with him?
Singleton: I learned a few things about him because I didn't know about him. We basically talked about sports the first time I met him. I got to know some of the players and I got to know some things about the school for when I get there. I have a lot to look forward to. I got to meet a few other freshmen.
Do you remember any of the names off the top of your head or who else you interacted with?
Singleton: There were a few other commits down there with me.
Do you remember any of their names by chance?
Singleton: Yeah. Vonte Jackson was down there. Reggie Mitchell was there as was Vince Biegel.
Do you interact with a lot of the verbal commits at all or was that the first time you've interacted with some of those guys?
Singleton: That's about the first time I interacted with most of those guys. Vonte and I have talked a little bit here and there. We have kind of a relationship there.
Overall, if you were to grade the weekend how would you grade it?
Singleton: I'd give it an A. This really sealed the deal of me going there. I can't wait to go there. I had fun myself and so did my family.
This was your first time to Madison?
Singleton: No, this was actually my third time being there.
You mentioned you had a chance to interact with the coaches. Did you sit down with Thomas Hammock? I guess who in particular did you sit down with and what did they say to you?
Singleton: Actually I sat down with coach Hammock. We talked about everything. We talked to my position coach DeMontie Cross and they talked about keeping up with my schoolwork like I've been doing. I met with coach Bret Bielema and he talked about the same thing. He also talked about the history of the program and how my class can help them even more.
So you did get a chance to talk to coach Bielema?
Singleton: Yes. I got to talk to him twice, actually.
I know he was in New York City, did you talk to him on the phone? Or was here there on Friday when you got there?
Singleton: Actually on Saturday after they had the practice he just left so I didn't get to talk to him. I talked to him this morning (Sunday).
Moving away from that, how did your senior season go? How did your team do and how did you play individually?
Singleton: Individually I felt as though I played my best. I played my hardest and we ended up in the city finals, but we lost. We were a little disappointed about that, but I think we'll have a better season this year. There were a few mistakes that some players made and I feel next year we should have a better season.
D.J., I know you've been talking a lot about academics. Have you been thinking about graduating early and enrolling at UW early at all or are you just planning on coming in during June?
Singleton: I'm coming on June 18. That's when I'm coming down.
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