A post game chat with Peter Konz

MADISON - With a 59-10 win over South Dakota Saturday afternoon the Wisconsin Badgers moved to 4-0 on the season. Now that the non-conference portion of the season has passed, UW now can turn its sights to mighty Nebraska.
Shortly after the Badgers win over the Coyotes, had a chance to catch up with Konz. The following is a post game conversation with the junior center.
Is there really pressure playing at home?
Konz: Sometimes. Sometimes you feel a little pressure to be the best at home. That's good. That's fun. I'm excited. I'm just pumped up. That's not to take anything away from this game because this team came out and played hard. But I'm ready to go.
Would it be fair to say you've been looking forward to this game? Obviously you stayed focused enough through the non-conference portion of the schedule as a team collectively.
Konz: It was one of those things that will stay in the back of your mind. After a win maybe you'd look and see who we have next. You'd look over there (UW has a schedule inside it's weight room) and after UNLV it was like we've got the Beavers and we knew they'd be a good team. But then you'd look and see who we've got left and you'd say, 'that's a good team.' I've been following them. I've probably been looking forward to it more during the offseason. During the season I'm too wrapped up in things.
You know, you look at the production offensively and see you topped 600 yards again this week, but is it frustrating for you that you guys have only had one, 100-yard rusher through four games?
Konz: A tad bit. You can't blame it…. A lot of these games we've been out by the third quarter. We've got a lot of running backs. Russell Wilson sometimes runs it. We're really sharing the yards a lot so part of you thinks we need to do some things better but the other part is thinking the offense is working. I'm happy for our offense.
We're doing a great job as an offense so that's one of those things that if we get into a tough situation where the pass game isn't working and we rely on the run game then I think people will really notice how much work we've actually put into it and how good this team is actually running. Some games the pass works and some games the run works. The defense is choosing which one they predominantly want to stop.
When we get into a situation where we have to run I think people will understand where we're truly at. It's hard to gauge right now.
You've now spent a number of years in this program. Is this offense more balanced, about the same or less balanced than it has been in the past?
Konz: I'd say it's more balanced.
Just because there is more versatility and you can do so many more things?
Konz: Oh yeah. There have been a lot of long plays. Last year I don't think we had that many long runs or long passes. One thing you look at is how much we've passed. We've never really done that before in such a run heavy offense. The ability to do both is just tremendous.