Toon addresses injury

MADISON - Nick Toon didn't envision himself hobbling around on crutches entering his final spring camp as a member of the UW football team. Following a disappointing season, one where injuries marred what could have been a breakout year, Toon was hoping to get back on the field and get work in with a stable of new and young quarterbacks throughout April.
Instead, he's relegated to wander the sideline. At the conclusion of Tuesday's practice, the seventh of the spring, had a chance to catch up with the senior wide receiver.
The following is a question and answer with Toon.
Obviously this isn't the way you wanted your senior spring camp to go, but how is the injury coming along?
Toon: The injury is doing well. I'm just trying to get healthy. It was something that needed to get fixed and I'd rather do it now than do it during the season. I'm glad we caught it and got it taken care of.
Did it have anything to do with the injury last year? I know it's a different foot, but is there any chance you put too much stress on that foot with that injury?
Toon: I don't know if it was a function of my other injury, but it happened and it is what it is.
Technically what was it?
Toon: A fractured fifth metatarsal. They just went in there and fixed it up.
It's a pretty common procedure for guys like you?
Toon: Yeah, especially for big bodied receivers. A lot of receivers in general it's a very common injury. It's not something that is freakish or uncommon, but it's part of the game.
Have you started the rehab process at all?
Toon: Yup, I'm doing the things they've asked me to do down in the training room. I'll continue to do that until I'm ready to go.
What are some of the things that they have you doing, pool workouts or anything?
Toon: Yeah, I'm doing some stuff in the pool. It's movement and strengthening stuff.
In your eyes what is the worst part about missing this spring camp?
Toon: Obviously I love playing football and anytime we have the opportunity to be on the field I want to do that. The biggest thing is that you just miss the time that these guys are out here working. You miss the time to work on your individual game, but there is plenty of time in the summer and fall camp for me to make up for that time.
Is it especially, not troubling because that's not the right word, but to miss time working with the new quarterback to try and get some chemistry or anything like that?
Toon: Yeah, I've worked with all the guys besides the new guy Joel Stave. I've worked with everyone so that's not something that concerns me.
When are you going to be fully healthy? Summer time?
Toon: I couldn't tell you, but I should be back for summer conditioning.
That can't come soon enough?
Toon: Yup, obviously I had an injury filled year and that's just how things go if you play long enough. Hopefully I can stay healthy all season.
Was the injury a surprise to you or was it a lingering thing?
Toon: I knew something wasn't right. I didn't think it was a big deal and then obviously it turned out to be a bigger deal than I thought it was. But like I said earlier, I'm glad we caught it now and got it taken care of.