Tolzien or Phillips to start opener

MADISON, Wis. - As expected, Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema released his depth chart for the season opener Thursday morning. And, following a hotly contested quarterback battle throughout fall camp, Bielema has gone with Scott Tolzien or Curt Phillips as his starter.
It is likely Tolzien will be the first quarterback under center when the Badgers play Northern Illinois, but as the OR on the depth chart indicates, Phillips will see plenty of action throughout the year.

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Dustin Sherer rounds out the quarterback group as the third player listed on the depth chart. Interestingly, freshman Jon Budmayr is not on the depth chart indicating a likely redshirt season.
At running back, Zach Brown is listed above John Clay, but like the quarterback position, an or separates the two. It is likely Brown and Clay will split carries throughout the season as the No. 1 and 2 running backs. Behind them, freshman Montee Ball or Erik Smith round our the group.
Closing out the backfield, sophomore Bradie Ewing is the listed starter at fullback with Sam Spitz behind him.
Out wide, Nick Toon and Isaac Anderson won the two starting spots. Junior's David Gilreath and Maurice Moore complete the two deep at the position.
At H-back, Bielema listed the starter as Garrett Graham or Lance Kendricks, though both will see plenty of reps. At the other tight end position, it is listed as Kendricks or Mickey Turner.
Jake Byrne and Rob Korslin are listed on the two deep at the position as well.
Up front, Gabe Carimi, Jake Bscherer, John Moffitt, Kevin Zeitler and Josh Oglesby are the listed starters.
Currently, Moffitt and Carimi are recovering from their respective injuries. Clearly, the coaching staff feels both will be ready to go when the opener rolls around.
Bill Nagy, a projected starter prior to his injury, is listed behind Zeitler. Otherwise, the makeshift line that has been practicing through the majority of camp is listed behind the starters.
Ricky Wagner is behind Carimi, Jake Current or Ryan Groy behind Bscherer, Travis Frederick behind Moffitt, and Peter Konz behind Oglesby to complete the two-deep.
On the line, O'Brien Schofield and J.J. Watt will start at defensive end. Dan Moore or Patrick Butrym and Jeff Stehle will anchor the tackle spots.
Otherwise, Louis Nzegwu will spell Schofield while Anthony Mains does the same for Watt. Brendan Kelly who many believed would be in the two-deep is recovering from a groin injury. That is likely kept him out of the two-deep.
The back up tackles are Dan Cascone and in a bit of a surprise Jordan Hein, a former wrestler turned football player.
At linebacker, freshman Mike Taylor is listed as the starting sam backer while Jaevery McFadden anchors the strong side. In the middle, Bielema listed Culmer St. Jean or Blake Sorensen as the starter.
True freshman Chris Borland is listed behind Taylor in the two-deep.
In the secondary, Aaron Henry and Devin Smith get the call at corner with Antonio Fenelus spelling Henry and Niles Brinkley or Dezmen Southward doing the same for Smith.
No surprises at safety as Jay Valai and Chris Maragos will get the start at the strong and free positions respectively. Behind Valai, Bielema listed Josh Peprah or Kevin Claxton and behind Maragos is freshman Shelton Johnson.
Brad Nortman and Philip Welch will do the punting and kicking. Gilreath, who Bielema admitted to wanting to lighten his workload, is listed at the top of both punt returns and kick returns.
Fenelus and Henry are behind him on the punt return list and Fenelus, Cromartie and Toon are listed as potential kick returners.
The depth chart:
- Jr. Scott Tolzien, 6-3, 205 OR
-Fr. Curt Phillips, 6-3, 228
-Sr. Dustin Sherer, 6-3, 220
Running Back
-Jr. Zach Brown, 5-10, 210 OR
-So. John Clay, 6-1, 248
-Fr. Montee Ball, 5-11, 225 OR
-Fr. Erik Smith, 6-0, 198
-So. Bradie Ewing, 6-0, 231
-Fr. Sam Spitz, 6-0, 245
Wide Receiver:
-So. Nick Toon, 6-3, 250
-Jr. David Gilreath, 5-11, 170
Wide Receiver:
-Jr. Isaac Anderson, 5-10, 177
-Jr. Maurice Moore, 5-10, 180
Tight End:
-Sr. Garrett Graham, 6-3, 250 OR
-Jr. Lance Kendricks, 6-4, 236
-So. Jake Byrne, 6-4, 260
Tight End:
-Jr. Lance Kendricks, 6-4, 236 OR
-Sr. Mickey Turner, 6-3, 250
-So. Rob Korslin, 6-4, 260
Left Tackle:
-Jr. Gabe Carimi, 6-7, 325
-Fr. Ricky Wagner, 6-6, 313
Left Guard:
-Jr. Jake Bscherer, 6-7, 310
-So. Jake Current, 6-3, 304 OR
-Fr. Ryan Groy, 6-5, 310
-Jr. John Moffitt, 6-5, 320
-Fr. Travis Frederick, 6-4, 336
Right Guard:
-Fr. Kevin Zeitler, 6-4, 317
-Jr. Bill Nagy, 6-3, 310
Right Tackle:
-So. Josh Oglesby, 6-7, 330
-Fr. Peter Konz, 6-5, 315
Defensive End:
-Sr. O'Brien Schofield, 6-3, 248
-So. Louis Nzegwu, 6-4, 245
Defensive Tackle:
-Sr. Dan Moore, 6-2, 283 OR
-So. Patrick Butrym, 6-4, 291
-Sr. Dan Cascone, 6-3, 301
Defensive Tackle:
-Sr. Jeff Stehle, 6-6, 310
-Sr. Jordan Hein, 6-3, 286
Defensive End:
So. J.J. Watt, 6-6, 287
Fr. Anthony Mains, 6-6, 223
Linebacker: (Will)
-Sr. Jaevery McFadden, 6-2, 230
-So. Kevin Rouse, 6-0, 232
Linebacker: (Mike)
-Jr. Culmer St. Jean, 6-0, 233 OR
-Jr. Blake Sorensen, 6-1, 231
-Fr. Matthew Groff, 6-2, 234
Linebacker: (Sam)
-Fr. Mike Taylor, 6-2, 221
-Fr. Chris Borland, 5-11, 235
-So. Aaron Henry, 6-0, 195
-So. Antonio Fenelus, 5-9, 185
Strong Safety:
-Jr. Jay Valai, 5-9, 201
-Fr. Josh Peprah, 5-11, 205, OR
-So. Kevin Claxton, 6-1, 218
Free Safety:
-Sr. Chris Maragos, 6-0, 198
-Fr. Shelton Johnson, 6-0, 183
-So. Devin Smith, 5-11, 188
-Jr. Niles Brinkley, 5-10, 188 OR
-Fr. Dezmen Southward, 6-1, 210
-So. Brad Nortman, 6-3, 209
-So. Ryan Wickesberg, 6-1, 215
-So. Phillip Welch, 6-3, 200
-Fr. Alec Lerner, 5-7, 172
Long Snapper:
-So. Kyle Wojta, 6-2, 231
-Sr. Drew Woodward, 6-4, 212
-Sr. Chris Maragos
-So. Ryan Wickesberg
Punt Returner:
-Jr. David Gilreath
-So. Antonio Fenelus OR
-So. Aaron Henry
Kick Returner:
-Jr. David Gilreath
-So. Antonio Fenelus
-Fr. Marcus Cromartie
-So. Nick Toon