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Texas QB Still Has Bucky In Top Two

IW: The last I heard about your season, your team was 0-4. How has the team done since that point?
Overstreet: We're on a four-game winning streak. We're 4-4.
IW: What turned things around for you?
Overstreet: Senior leadership. We turned it around. We know we have to win some games to get back into the playoffs like we do every year. The playoffs start in two weeks.
IW: How have you done individually this year?
Overstreet: I feel I've made big strides as far as my technique, throwing the ball, running the ball and reading. But because of the loss of seniors last year at some of the other positions, I haven't been able to do some of the things I did last year. But as far as my ability, I've made some great strides in that.
IW: What's been the biggest improvement in your game?
Overstreet: I've improved the most in throwing the ball, reading defenses and checking into audibles.
IW: You've been labeled a "dual-threat quarterback." Do you prefer running or passing?
Overstreet: I like to do both, because if you have that dual threat, it's hard to stop you. If they try to stop you throwing the ball, you can run it. If they try to stop you from running, you can air it out. I like that.
IW: You were clocked at a 4.36 in the 40. Was that your fastest time?
Overstreet: Yeah, that was at the Nike Camp.
IW: Are Arizona State and Wisconsin still your two favorites?
Overstreet: Yes.
IW: Are there any other schools you are considering, or just those two?
Overstreet: Just those two.
IW: Have you scheduled official visits?
Overstreet: I scheduled one to Arizona State (Nov. 30) but that's it…I (plan) on going to Wisconsin. I just haven't had a chance to schedule my visit.
IW: What types of things will you be looking at when you visit the schools and make your final decision?
Overstreet: What they have to offer me, my chance to get in and play. My chances of playing, not my freshman year because I don't mind redshirting, but my sophomore year I want a chance to start, or get a chance to show that I am the player that they need behind the center.
IW: Are you dead set on quarterback, or are there other positions you wouldn't mind playing?
Overstreet: I'm dead set on quarterback.
IW: Do you play any other positions in high school?
Overstreet: No. I've always played quarterback. I'm a three-year starter.
IW: Is there anybody at the college or pro level that you look up to, or would compare yourself to?
Overstreet: Michael Vick. That's what I do.
IW: Do you know what you want to study in college?
Overstreet: Graphic design.
IW: Have you had a chance to check out the programs at each school?
Overstreet: No, that's what I've wanted to ask. I'm waiting for Coach (Jeff) Horton to call me.
IW: Does location make any difference to you?
Overstreet: No it doesn't.
IW: Do you play any other sports?
Overstreet: I play basketball and run track. I'm good at both, but I do it to keep in shape.
IW: What was it about Wisconsin that made you choose them as one of your finalists?
Overstreet: That explosive offense that they have. That quarterback not only has the ability to throw the ball, but he has the ability to run a quarterback counter. They run a little bit of option. They allow the quarterback to take control of the offense. I like that.
IW: Have you noticed a lot of changes in Wisconsin's offense this year?
Overstreet: Yeah, because they used to be a running powerhouse. Now they still run the ball (well), but they have that spread offense, so they allow the quarterback to do a lot more things.