Notes: Wojta tears ACL, still plays

MADISON - Kyle Wojta, Wisconsin's steady and consistent long snapper hasn't had much press this season.
On the surface that's an exceptional trend simply because most press in his case would be bad press. It would be the type of press that discusses short-fallings or misdoings on the field.
This time, however, the press Wojta is receiving is well deserved. Really, it's downright impressive and should be greeted with standing applause.
"Kyle Wojta tore his ACL in Tuesday's practice," Bielema said. "He snapped in the game today."
That's right. With a torn ACL, an injury that will sideline most everybody for the remainder of their individual season, Wojta still found a way to get back out on the field in UW's biggest game of the season.
A win that will go down in the history books as one of the best ever inside the confines of Camp Randall Stadium.
And he did his job well.
"He was not going to be denied the opportunity to snap," Bielema said. "Believe me, no one in the stadium knew our second string snapper was going to be on that punt team and he (James McGuire) delivered a strike.
"Wojta actually snapped on PAT field goals and was perfect on the day."
At this juncture, it remains to be seen whether Wojta will play anymore this season.
Other injury update:
Mike Taylor, who left the game in the first half following a mishap on punt coverage and did not return, seems to be less injured than originally believed.
"Barring any new information he felt pretty good there," Bielema said. "We thought he was going to go in the second half. It appeared to be soft tissue damage. They X-Rayed him at the half and there wasn't anything structurally wrong."
Though he was unable to play the remainder of the game and soak in the win on the field, Taylor still played a major part in Saturday's win and should be ready to play a week from now at Iowa.
"He just gave me a big hug in the locker room," Bielema said. "I think he'll be ready to go."
-Bielema on the importance of the win big picture-wise.
"It's another step in the right direction. Again, we're only three games into the Big Ten schedule but we've done some good things. To beat the No. 1 team and beat a ranked opponent and all that people talk about it, it's good. We had a large amount of recruits in here today and I'm sure to watch that on national TV gave us some great exposure."
-Bradie Ewing on his fellow students rushing the field:
"It was pretty crazy. It was an awesome feeling to be able to beat No. 1 and to do it with this group of guys, it's a special night for us."
-Blake Sorensen on what he thought after he made the game-clinching interception:
"I don't know what happened. I think someone yelled down at me. I don't really remember what happened."
-Gabe Carimi on what the Bielema said when he challenged the offensive line this week:
"He was just saying that in order for us to win this game the offensive line is going to have to play well and the defensive line is going to have to play well."
-Jay Valai on the emotion on the field:
"Pandemonium. It was great. It was just an electric feeling. Our fans came out and were loud. I think we ran on the field we actually knew our fans were there for once and not drunk in the student section. We felt like they thought it was important and we came out and played like it was an important game."
-Nick Toon on the fans rushing the field:
"It was kind of surreal. You see it on TV a couple of times a year and I've never been in a game that's ended like that. It was crazy. It took me about a half hour to get off the field, but it was awesome."
-Scott Tolzien on what set the tone:
"I think early on what set the tone was guys having a belief that we were going to win. Coach really preached that first and foremost that we have to believe. If there's one guy that doesn't believe that can be the crack. Then Coach Alvarez spoke to us on Thursday and that was the first thing he said to us. It really got us believing and trusting in our preparation and all the work we put in over the winter, summer and spring."