Badgers talk Super Bowl

MADISON -- Boston or New York? Patriots or Giants? Tom Brady or Eli Manning? Who is going to win Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis?
Super Bowl coverage is hard to miss this time of year. And the game typically transcends football and even sports. It's a can't miss event whether you watch even snap of every game or don't know the difference between Eli and Peyton.
Many people in the state of Wisconsin, however, seemed to have lost interest in Sunday's game three weeks ago after Manning and the Giants knocked NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers and the Packers out of the playoffs.
But what about the Badgers? Who do they think will win the game? And will they be watching?
Count Port Washington native Josh Gasser among those whose interest in the game is low this year, though he admitted he'd likely watch the game "if it's on."
"I'm not going to lie, I really don't care anymore," Gasser said.
Freshman Frank Kaminsky, on the other hand, has adopted Brady's Patriots for the Super Bowl.
"My best friend's an enormous Patriots fan," Kaminsky said. "So I'm going to take his side."
As for the game MVP, Kaminsky said it would be Brady. He also predicted a final score of 24-21 Patriots over Giants.
Though he is not particularly interested in the game, Gasser still offered a prediction as well, though he -- like many people -- had a difficult time deciding between the Giants and the Patriots.
"I guess I'll go with the Giants," Gasser said. "Actually, I don't know. I can't go against Tom Brady. So, I'll have to think about it a little more, I guess."
As an Illinois native, Kaminsky grew up a big Chicago Bears fan.
Kaminsky recalled Super Bowl XLI as his favorite memory of the big game -- he was not born for another seven years after Super Bowl XX -- even though his Bears came up short.
"I remember watching it with my whole family because we're all big Bears fans," Kaminsky said. "I remember when Devin Hester returned that opening kickoff and we were all going nuts thinking the Bears were going to win. But it didn't come out too well in our favor."
Of course, it wouldn't be a Super Bowl without the commercials.
So what is Kaminsky's all-time favorite ad from the big game?
"I got a bunch," he said. "All the Bud Light commercials are always hilarious. The Doritos ones as well. Maybe the one with the guy from Doritos where he's got the costume made out of all Doritos and he throws Doritos at people. I laughed pretty hard at that one."
The ad in question is the "Snack Attack Samurai".
So what about you?
Who do you think will win the big game? Patriots or Giants? Brady or Eli?
And what's your favorite Super Bowl ad?