September 22, 2008

Moore stadium Full of Prospects Old and New

MOORE, Okla. -- With all of the great match-ups that were taking place on high school football fields across the state of Oklahoma few held anymore talent than Moore Stadium on Friday. It's almost hard to believe that could be true considering a final score of 59-28 but both the Midwest City Bombers and Southmoore Sabercats fielded multiple division one prospects on Friday.

Considering the beginning of Tim Flanders' game against the new program it's hard to begin conversation anywhere else. On his first three carries of the game Flanders had three touchdown runs of 68, 63, and 28 yards and continued to dominate the game throughout finishing with 208 yards and four scores on a measly 10 carries.

Flanders also helped the Bombers stifling defense to an extent that on either side of the ball the three-star prospect was done by the first few possessions of the third quarter.

He was helped by the Bombers dangerous 'second-punch', Antonio Brown.

Brown, the lightning to Flanders' thunder, is the Bombers utility player factoring in both in the pass game as well as working on reverses, hand-offs, and as always he also partners Flanders in the defensive backfield.

While the Bombers certainly had other help on offense, it was on the defensive side of the ball that the Bombers have an embarrassing wealth of talent.

Nowhere is that talent more evident than along the defensive line where interior stalwarts Dominique Jones and Jeff Wright made it almost impossible for the Sabercats to find running lanes up the middle. While Wright is more of a talent as a run-stuffer Jones separates himself as not only a clog in the middle but also as a pass rusher; putting repeated pressure on Southmoore quarterback Kendal Thompson.

The other name to remember on the Bomber defensive line is

The other aspect that aided the team the most was each players ability to keep offensive lineman off of Kamron Stewart and 2010 linebacker Emmanuel Maxwell. While Stewart says schools like Oregon State are showing some interest, and offers are starting to come in, it's Maxwell that may end up bringing in the lion's share of attention.

Maxwell has great closing speed, a sturdy frame, and though he may be a bit short the fact he is related to Midwest City legend Vernon Maxwell may make it easier for major colleges to overlook his height and focus instead on his ability.

It was because of all that talent that Southmoore was so greatly outdistanced by the Bombers but with that being said Chris Jensen's crew has plenty of talent to make them a force to be reckoned with down the road.

Leading the way for the Sabercats is sophomore quarterback Kendal Thompson who of course is the son of former Sooner option quarterback Charles Thompson. Thompson is a left-hander who still has more to learn about the position but has the raw skills to be a real player down the line. As for Friday night Thompson had three touchdowns in the face of immense pressure.

Sharing the backfield, and a last name, with the Sooner legacy is Kyuann Thompson at running back. The physical running back has more speed than he has been given credit for in recent weeks and shows flashes of being a difference maker as Southmoore heads into district play. Thompson's highlight was a 56-yard catch in which he picked up a lot more yardage with the ball than without it.

Both Thompsons will need more room to run and Kendal will need more time to throw. The player who can pull secondaries back to allow more room?

2010 wide receiver Julian Wilson is a 6A state 200-meter qualifier and it shows when the 6-foot-2, 180-pound receiver is able to hit full stride. He is very raw and is still learning to run routes and to properly use his body to protect an incoming pass.

At the end of the day the offensive talent for Southmoore wasn't enough to overcome the tradition of 'Bomber Magic' but just the same the game was one to see due to such a massive collection of division one talent.


Dominique Jones: Jones isn't quite as big as advertised, but has good feet and better hands than a lot of players his age. Jones still has some work to do on his strength, both in his upper and lower body, and has to learn to play consistently but has a lot of raw tools.

Emmanuel Maxwell: Maxwell is another in the ever growing list of Oklahoma products who seems destined for some type of hybrid role. However, he still has room to grow and is a guy that might someday carry 230-pounds and play the linebacker position. Regadless he's got a chance to be a difference maker and may already be the state's best tackler.

Kendal Thompson: As mentioned in the article Thompson has plenty of zip on his passes and is a plus-athlete. While he needs work on his accuracy and defensive recognition he has very solid mechanics for such a young quarterback and is a much more refined passer than any other current sophomore in Oklahoma City.

Kyuann Thompson: Thompson is a big physical back who is somewhat reminiscent of former Oklahoma City star Josh Scobey in that he is more quick than fast but has plenty of moves and is also a very able pass-catcher. Look for Thompson to emerge on a lot of Big 12 radars next year.

Julian Wilson: They say speed kills and Wilson has plenty of it, and unlike many speedsters around the state Wilson also has great size and really reminds me somewhat of Brandon Jones in that he has game-changing type speed but is probably a bit upright, and not the most fluid player on the planet. However in an era where speed is king, there is no denying that he is a guy who will be recruited next season.

Jeff Wright: Wright's biggest attention getter, may also be the reason that he hasn't gotten much so far. He simply is part of a defense that perhaps seven players will find their way to division one football in the next few years. Wright is a talented player whose best football is probably in front of him, when he gets in a major weight program Wright could be a real surprise from Oklahoma's class of 2010.

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